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Scrap Containers

Gary's U-Pull It, Inc. has been serving the southern tier of New York and northern Pennsylvania for 30+ Years. Specializing in the recycling of unwanted vehicles and scrap metals, Gary's has always kept environmental concerns as a priority. Over the years we have made new innovations in recovering fluids from vehicles and improved our efficiency in processing scrap metals..

By operating and maintaining our own fleet of rollback and scrap container trucks we are able to provide prompt, courteous service without outsourcing. Within our scrap container service we work with a variety of companies from Machine Shops to Auto Body Repair Facilities to New/Used Appliance Stores. Because many business have different needs we are willing to custom design a plan that what will work best for you. We carry 5 different size containers ranging from 10 to 33 yard capacity. We can provide a container for a one-time cleanup or we can provide ongoing service were you will always have a container available to recycle your unwanted metals. Requests for containers to be emptied can be done via fax, email, or by calling our scrap container truck driver directly.

Scrap Containers for Businesses

Many machine shops and auto repair facilities already trust Gary's with their scrap collection, now your business can too.  We offer a variety of container sizes and will custom design a collection plan just for your business.

For one time cleanups or long-term container leases with scheduled pickups, Gary's can handle all of your metal recycling needs.

Town Cleanup Days

Gary's U-Pull It, Inc. works with many local towns to setup what is referred to as "Town Cleanup Day". During these days Gary's provides the township with multiple containers at a single location designated for the local community to dispose of unwanted scrap metal including, refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, washers, driers, lawn mowers, gas grills and the list goes on and on. This service is provided to the township at no cost and keeps the streets and yards of the community looking great. Along with "Town Cleanup Days" many towns also choose to keep a single container year round for residents to have a place to dispose of unwanted metals on an as needed basis.